Pocket FM FAQs

Who is the CEO of Pocket FM?

Rohan Nayak is the CEO and Co-Founder of Pocket FM.

What is the Turn Over of Pocket FM?

On Twitter, Royan Nayak the Co-Founder and CEO of Pocket FM tweeted that Pocket FM surpassed the USD 25 Million Annualized Revenue Run Rate.

Who Owns Pocket FM?

Pocket FM the Gurgaon-based startup is founded in 2018 by Rohan Nayak, Nishanth KS, and Prateek Dixit.

Who are the Competitors of Pocket FM?

The primary competitors of Pocket FM are Kuku FM, Headfone, and Pratillipi.

What is the Legal Name of Pocket FM?

The legal name of Pocket FM is Pocket FM Private Limited.

Where is Pocket FM Based?

Pocket FM is based in Gurgaon, India.

Who Invented Pocket FM App?

The pocket FM app is invented by Rohan Nayak along with his IIT-Kharagpur collegemates Nishanth KS and Prateek Dixit.

What are the Most Popular Books on Pocket FM?

Yakshini, Pyaas, Khauff, Amrapali, Insta Millionaire, Super Yoddha, Zero to Hero, Number Zero, Shoorveer, and Param Sundari are the most popular books on Pocket FM.

Is Kuku FM and Pocket FM the Same?

No, Kuku FM and Pocket FM are different but both applications are sharing audio series, audiobooks, and podcasts.

How to Get Pocket FM Promo Code?

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